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Greetings and Thank You for your interest in our cattle.


We are planning to have our Annual Bull Sale in March along with some replacement heifers.  You may have seen some of our literature where we outlined the outstanding results from our carcass data.  The  most  recent  example  is  the  continued  genetic  improvement  we  have  made  over  the  past several  decades. We  analyzed  the  phenomenal  carcass  performance  of  all  of  our  Limousin  and Lim-Flex  calves  the  past  couple  of  years:  18%  graded  Prime  compared  to  the  rest  of  the  beef  industry at  4.3%  Prime.  In  our  next  group  of  calves,  70%  fell  into  the  Choice  grade  with  69%  being  industry average. The  overall  carcass  quality  of  our  calves  was  impressive,  resulting  in  88%  Choice  and  Prime with a high percentage of Yield Grade 1, compared to a 73.3% Choice and Prime industry average.


With cattlmen finally beginning to see some premiums for marbeling, now is a great time to take advantage of the Schott Limousin Grade Genetics!