It’s celebration time!!  Hi to you all.  

Would you join in with Jared and his family, Priscilla and I, to celebrate our final complete female herd dispersal.  In November of 2016 we sold our 3 to 8 year old cows.  We kept all the heifer calves, bred heifers, the horned cows, and 9 year old and up to 14 year old cows.  With 38 years of selling bulls behind us and looking back on it all, what a challenge, a privilege and an honor to be involved in such a great industry and breed and to have done business with so many great people.  With such a great accomplishment, we think it calls for a celebration.   My travels delivering bulls has taken me all over the midwest and even west coast and through mountains and plains.  Our cattle have been delivered as far as Mexico and there have been alot of enjoyable miles behind me.  


    We will have a bull sale March 9, 2021 and our cow dispersal is planned for Nov 6 of 2021 with our final bull sale March of 2022 and all at Mobridge Livestock Auction in Mobridge, SD.  At my age of 76 years young and Priscilla younger, its time to take heed of the “round about” we have come to in our road.  I am thankful for it!


    I can personally say I have enjoyed working hard for YOU to help make YOUR cow herd better!  To our customers, whether it was the purchase of 1 or 10 bulls annually, I want to say “thank you”, for allowing us to work for you, improving your herd.  Success in the beef industry is largely determined by the end result, the quality of the carcass and the cost of production.  The Limousin cattle have proven to be one of the most efficient in feed conversion.  Schott Limousin is celebrating carcass data that far exceeds the industry averages in quality and yield grades.


    Our focus on carcass’ didnt just begin a few years ago.  It started years ago in our pole barn with a reefer truck of hangin beef and then on to SDSU and their 2020 program where they asked us to donate steers to their carcass evaluation program.  Those years our steers were the only ones to show a profit, and were also very acceptable from a tenderness, juiciness and flavor standpoint.


    Our most recent example is the continued genetic improvement we were able to make over the past several decades.  We were able to analyze the phenomenal carcass performance of all of our Limousin and Lim-Flex calves the past couple of years: 18% graded prime compared to the rest of the beef industry at 4.3% prime.  In our next group of calves 70% fell into the choice grade with 69% industry avg.  The quality grades of our calves, showed and impressive 20% with a yield grade 1 compared to 7% industry average.  


    The Limousin breed has covered most of the bases and has an exciting future, and now Schott Limousin has shown that we have covered all the bases, from docility and efficiency, to performance, and finally to quality and yield grades.


    God has blessed our family in so many ways!  Not always by our timeframe, but His.  But His timing and our patience has resulted in blessing beyond words.  What a way to close the gate to 39 years of working with you PEOPLE!


    As i reflect on all of this i begin to ask myself, how do we celebrate all of this?  In reality Schott Limousin has been celebrating every year for 39 years working with you to provide you with herd bulls to help improve your annual calf crop.  Being thankful that we can still celebrate the fact that we can live in a country to have the freedom to choose our own opportunities and practice our faith. We thank God for these freedoms and ask for many more generations to come!


    Through the years I was challenged to put together education seminars, to GIVE BACK, not just to our customers but to the community and beef industry.  Those seminars were held here at the ranch, Eagle Butte, and of course Mobridge auditoriums including Agri-Talk and speakers from all across the US.  A 4 county award. A state award, and finally a national booster award for promoting Limousin and beef, are still deeply appreciated but the feedback from these events was “humbling” and the true reward!


To all of our customers who have become more than customers… but friends, and with all of this new carcass data, what better way to celebrate the end of our “Bull Sale Trail” than by sharing our blessings with you in such a phenomenal way with the sale dispersal and final bull sale!  I’m grateful for something my dad taught me that has contributed not only to our success in the beef industry, but also in life.  Work hard, give your word, and keep it.  What joy and peace there has been in sharing it with you in word and deed. 


    Natl  USDA    Schott Limousin
Prime:       4.3%           18%    
Choice:      69%            70%
Select:       25%          <11%

     YIELD GRADE 1-5
    Natl  USDA      Schott Limousin
Yield1:    7%             20%   
Yield2:    34%           36%
Yield3:    47%           28%
Yield4:    10%           12%
Yield5:    1.5%          4.5%