In the fall of 2016 Schott Limousin Ranch held a dispersal, offering the "Prime" group of our cattle.  But that did not include all of them.  An impressive set of  "young" cattle first and second calf heifers, as well as tried and true mainstays of horned / scurred / and older cows were not included in that offering.   We have continued to save and register the elite of the replacement heifers as well.  While we always have females for sale, we have maintained an impressive herd of Bull Producing mama cows but rather than go through the formal process of a traditional sale we have downsized slightly to ease the workload by hosting a Private Treaty sale each spring.  We still maintain the pertinent data that our customers of almost 40 years have asked for by providing accurate Birth, Weaning, and Yearling data along with EPDs from the national Limousin office.  That crucial decision making data is still available and if you are looking for specific criteria we are more than happy to do a quick search through our offering for bulls that meet your specific needs. Please continue to watch our website as we upload any new data as it is released.  This years offering has some incredible weights and EPD's as well as bulls for use on heifers.  Please continue to watch our website for any new news or data releases.  Just give us a call and stop in for a cup of coffee and we will be happy to give you a preview.


Schott Limousin prides itself in the PEOPLE that we serve.  Our montra,"Where a handshake and ones word still holds value" is a testament to the guarantee we offer with our bulls.  We raise traditional muscled Limousin grown with quality and care,  perfected from pasture to market.  All grown by the Schott family.  Limousin Bulls and Beef you can count on!
Old West Values..... Modern Day Genetics!!