In the fall of 2016 Schott Limousin Ranch held a cow dispersal, offering the “Prime” group of our cattle.  But that did not include all of them.  An impressive set of  “young” cattle, (a full group of first calf and replacement heifer calves) as well as tried and true mainstays of horned / scurred / and older cows were not included in that offering.    While we always have females for sale, we have maintained an impressive herd of Bull Producing mama cows, but rather than go through the formal process of a traditional sale we have downsized slightly by hosting a Private Treaty sale each spring.  We still maintain the pertinent data that our customers of 36 years have asked for by providing accurate Birth, Weaning, and Yearling data along with EPDs from the national
Limousin office.  
    We culled hard this year and as a result we have 35 bulls listed with 5 over 800# Adj WW and 24 700-800# Adj WW as well as bulls for use on heifers.  Our tradition of providing bulls with GREAT performance and disposition continues on.  We do plan to keep a couple of these bulls for our breeding season.   Only 17 head had creep feed starting Sept 7.  Sale day we will indicate which bulls did not get creep feed and why.  This performance is a direct result of their incredible genetics and good milk.


    Please continue to watch our website    WWW.SCHOTTRANCH.COM    for any new news or data releases.  The bulls are currently clipped and ready for viewing at any time.  Just give us a call and stop in for a cup of coffee and we will be happy to give you a preview.

Given the snow and cold challenges we still have a handful of bulls left (click on "Leftover List" Button.