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Heartbeat Snake Scouting

Below is today's scouting footage in preperation for the Heartland Limousin Association Rattlesnake Auction:

Rattle Snake Hunt

Rattlesnake Hunt Auction....
This year the Heartland Limousin Association will be auctioning off a RattleSnake Hunt hosted at the Schott Ranch.  We are looking into taxidermist services if they would like mounting of their price catch.
In the fall rattlesnakes migrate to their winter dens in preparation for the winter hibernation.  As you can see in the videos and photos, some dens host as many as 300 snakes but a typicall prairie dog hole will have an average of 5-25 snakes.  Rattlesnakes are one of only 2 snakes that have their young live.  A female rattlesnake can have a dozen babies and don't let their cuteness fool you.  As you can see in the videos ... they are born just as deadly as their momma.
Three generations have visited these caves, cliffs, crevice, and prairie dog holes in an attempt to regulate overpopulated snake dens in our grazing pastures.  This reduces the danger to our livestock and to our families when dens are found near the ranch. 
Manufacturers of boots, belts, bill folds, taxidermy specialist as well as reptile gardens provide an outlet for these captured snakes.

HeartBeat RattleSnake Hunt:

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