Welcome to Schott Limousin Ranch
   Schott Limousin Ranch is nestled on the edge of the badlands, just west of the banks of the Missouri river on the trails of Sitting Bull, Lewis and Clark and Chief Gall.  Situated in the middle of one of the nations largest Indian Reservations where Custer once rode, there is no shortage history and legend.
   The ranch is brimming with wildlife.  Pheasant, grouse and partridge line the fields and trees.  Coyote and Fox are always up to their mischief, and their howls keep the nights lively.  Muley and white tail deer tower along the jagged rocks of the buttes that split the ranch.There are even bobcat and a new season in south Dakota for Mountain lions.
   Schott Limousin has weathered the many changes in the industry to continue providing customers with the genetics needed to return a profit.  Customers continually rave about the good disposition cattle and the bulls they buy.  Schott Limousin has maintained its reputation for rugged, eezy doing, deep bodied, Bulls.  Bulls that travel well on rough terrain and can stand a South Dakota winter.