Farm Ranch Hand Wanted!

Strong Mechanical Skills Needed
Respond with ALL requested info in addition to earliest start date ..resume.. housing requirements... summary of your abilities that fit our
requirements.. Kids school requirements....verifiable salary history. 

As you can see we raise purebred limousin seedstock and commercial cattle.  But we also raise the feed and cash crops associated so strong mechanical skills are a must as is handling tractors / combines etc...!  We are looking for someone who’s skills can compliment this type of operation.  We are not just looking for a cowboy!  You must be willing to adapt/learn/work hard and work well by yourself and with others.
Looking for someone with strong mechanical skills and any other experience (FENCING!/welding/carpentry/electrical/engines)  that would be useful on an operation that not only raises purebred / commercial cattle but the feed to feed them.  In addition to wheat/corn/sunflowers/ we put in cover crops for fall grazing.  
Cost of living in our area is extremely low.  Salary based on experience with sundays off.. various weekends / vacation time.  Some of the perks we may consider ...............     Beef  /   Ranch Vehicle /  season Bonus’
A day in the life at Schott Ranch would be a morning meeting in the shop office to compare ’to do lists’!  Our expectations would be carrying of a notebook and constantly making observations on repairs / fencing / fields n pastures to be sprayed / entering any repairs in database / cattle to be doctored /    Then a constant reprioritization of the lists based on mother nature / urgency / time / cost etc...! 
While we do have a probation period ...This is a LONG term obligation.  Learning our operations complexity takes time and if we invest in this training then we expect long term commitment. 
Also we log all daily repairs in my software
You can download a trial copy and if you know of others who might benefit please fwd on the website.
Send Resume’s and ALL the information below to be considered. approximate start date /  verifiable salary history/ a short outline of the type of experience you have that would fit our operation (especially mechanical skills). /Housing requirements/ School requirements /
WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO BACKGROUND CHECK / DRUG / ALCOHOL TEST!We get ALOT of resumes as you can imagine so following these simple requirements for information will go a long way to organizing our information and assimilating the resumes as well as getting your resume to the top of our list!!  


We have hesitated in the past to invest much into housing at one of our ranch locations due to lack of commitment from previous employees but if we see a vested interest in long term employement we will not hesitate to move forward with some of our plans.  There are rentals in the area starting at $300/  We have access to an uncles original ranch with a multi bedroom older home and big steel shop.