Limousin - The Continental Breed of Choice:

Calving ease/Calving vigor - Limousin calves come easily and demonstrate superior vigor resulting in more live calves per cow exposed

Muscling - Limousin genetics add muscling and thickness to your calves giving you more pounds to sell!

Feed Efficiency - Limousin reign supreme in their ability to convert feed into carcass weight.  They offer an industry advantage in converting feed into red meat yield.

Carcass Quality and Yield - Limousin have always been known for their superior cutability and yield, and have added increased selection pressure on marbling With over 100,000 actual carcass records documented in our registry, the accuracy of our carcass data is unsurpassed!

Maternal Efficiency - Limousin-influenced females offer moderate milk, moderate mature cow size and are some of the most efficient F1 cows you will find.

Docility - Limousin had the first Docility EPD of any breed and has made tremendous progress in eliminating bad tempered cattle.  These aren't your father's Limousins!